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[Image: drainex-box.png]

DrainEx is a private external cheat with fullscreen support for Windows 7 and higher OS. 
Using very special protection & bypass methods provides the best security against VAC and makes it almost impossible to detect the hack. It is not coming with a .DLL library, instead it is a full stealth external hack with a specialized technology (no injection), which is 100% undetected. Also, every user receives a fully unique file. DrainEx does not show any traces of internet connection and runs with minimal resources, you can use it on low-end PCs without FPS loss.
The Cheat is slotted for 30 users only to provide you the best security.

General information:
  • Game: Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Type: External
  • Anti-Cheat Support: Valve Anti Cheat (VAC)
                                        FaceIt (server-side)

  • Fullscreen: Supported
  • Undetected since: 12.06.2017 (first release)


Aimbot - One of the most legit aims systems made, fully customizable, can be semi-rage if you want
  • FOV - The Field of View the aimbot is working with
  • Smooth - The "smoothness" the aimbot is working with
  • Random smooth - the smoothness will be a random value between your set min and max
  • Hitbox - Select the hitbox the aimbot will aim at, or use automatically the best hitbox available
  • Distance based - aimbot takes into account the distance of the target
  • Humanized - the aimbot movement will be more like a human aiming
  • Curve - The aimbot is doing a curve when aiming at the enemy which is very legit for overwatch
  • Target on Ground Check - If enabled, the aimbot is only active when the enemy is on the ground
  • Visibility Check - If enabled, the aimbot is only active when the enemy is visible
  • Pause after Kill - If enabled, the Aimbot will do a pause before killing the next enemy to avoid unlegit aimbot moves
  • Clutch mode - If your health is under this value, you will always aim at head (for clutches)
  • AimTime - Time in milliseconds, the aimbot is aiming at the target
  • Key - Select the key to activate the aimbot
  • Weapons Configs - Set custom settings for every weapon
Recoil Control System - Makes automatic guns accurate
  • One-tap support - If you one tap, RCS will not move your crosshair unlike some other hacks
  • Perfect RCS - Will make the gun as accurate as possible
  • Recoil Power (No Visual recoil, etc)
  • Individual Recoil strength - Set the recoil strength the way you like
  • Weapons Configs - Set custom settings for every weapon
Triggerbot - Shoots automatically if the enemy is in your crosshair
  • FriendlyFire - If enabled, Triggerbot will shoot at teammates
  • Delay - If enabled, Triggerbot will wait before shooting
  • Random Delay - the trigger delay will be random between your min and max value
  • Hitbox - Select the hitbox the triggerbot will shoot at
  • Key - Select Trigger Key
  • Work with Aimbot Key - The Triggerbot will work together with the Aimbot
  • Pause After Kill - If enabled, Triggerbot will do a pause before killing the next enemy to avoid unlegit trigger sprays
Glow ESP - Very informative ESP, outlines enemies, friends and other objects, does not overload CPU
  • Glow - Enemy glow color set with custom colors
  • InnerGlow - Fills the object with color, instead of outlining it
  • Glow Noise Only - Glow is only active when enemy is making noises (walking, running, jumping, shooting)
  • Glow visible, spotted by ally - Enemy is visible if he gets spotted by your teammates
  • Glow After Death - If enabled, Glow is still active after you died
  • Glow Defusing - Change glow color if target is defusing
  • Health Glow - Enemy glow color is based off their health
  • Item Glow - Glow every object in game, this includes bomb, weapons, and grenades with custom colors
  • Health Fill - When damaging enemy, his model will fill with red based on his health
  • Chams - Fills the enemy with color if he is visible
  • Custom - Change glow colors, glow thickness and glow bloom of enemies, allies, and items using RGBA color model
  • Visibility Check - Change colors if the enemy is visible
  • and many more...
Sonar - Sound ESP which beeps when an enemy is inside a specified range or close to your crosshair
  • Sonar FOV - will beep when enemy is near your crosshair
  • Sonar Range - will beep when enemy is close to you, higher beeping sound the closer he is
Misc - miscellaneous features
  • Radar - Shows enemies on the in-game radar. Never look into walls for enemies again and avoid Overwatch easily
  • AutoPistol - Pistols will shoot like rifles which means you can just hold down the fire key
  • NoFlash - Allows you to modify how white your screen will be after you get flashed
  • FovChanger - Change your field of view
  • FakeLag - Lag for other players
  • BunnyHop - Jump fast to reach spots before the enemy can face you
  • Panic Key - When pressing this key, the cheat will automatically shut down. In case someone is joining your room who doesn't know that you are cheating
  • DangerZone Mode - If enabled, you can use the cheat in the battle royal mode
  • LAN Mode -  hides the client console and runs the process as a background process. Useful when you want to hide the fact you are cheating
SkinChanger - Allows you to pick your favorite skins and knives without having to pay for them, however, only you can see them
  • Custom weapon skin - Set a custom skin for each weapon
  • Custom knife model - Set a custom knife
  • Custom knife skin - Set a custom knife skin
Extra - some nice extra features
  • Configs - Create, save & load individual configs/settings
  • Automatic Updates - The cheat will automatically update itself after every CS:GO update. So you can continue playing after the CS:GO update launches
  • Weekly Security Updates - We will release an automatic security update every week for best security
Quote:1 Month: 10€
3 Months: 25€
Lifetime: 90€


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Slots left: 3/30

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At DrainCheats, We procreate undetected CS:GO Cheats. We believe in quality and assure you one of the safest CS:GO cheats at a very reasonable price, that suits your taste.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.